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Kelly Communications was founded in 1991 by Dennis Kelly, a successful media executive with more than 25 years of experience.  Mr. Kelly served as Vice President of Western Operations for Top Market Television, a division of the Washington Post Company.  He held the position of Vice President of sales with Tele-Rep and Petry Television.  When the Financial News Network (FNN) launched, Mr. Kelly was recruited as General Sales Manager to build the sales and marketing divisions.  He has served at the General Manager level at three major U.S. television stations.

Kelly Communications provides a top-notch recession-proof, guaranteed system for Direct Response Advertising.  The Company was chartered by Mr. Kelly to be a Direct Response solution for clients and advertising agencies.

Kelly Communications has long-established relationships with major national Cable Channels, Cable Systems, Broadcast Networks and local broadcasters that give him access to 250 million television homes across America.  In addition to the television medium, Kelly Communications also provides its clients with access to Radio, Newspaper and Magazine direct response solutions.  Kelly communications maintains a prestigious list of clients, including some of the country's most successful Direct Response Television marketers and their agencies.

Through commitment, experience and expertise Kelly Communications has established business relationships with our customers and the media that will last a lifetime!

Call Kelly Communications at (212) 541-9263 today!


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