Media Definitions
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The following definitions are provided  in order to assist in your media planning and evaluation.  While this list is brief, our staff will be pleased to answer specific questions about any media topic.

  1. Short Form:  television commercials.  The most common lengths are :30 (thirty seconds), :60 ( one minute) and 2:00 (two minutes.
  2. Long Form:  program length, typically used for infomercials.  Common lengths include 30-minute (27:56 actual) and 60-minute (57:56 actual) programs.
  3. ROS:  Run-of-station commercials.  These are spots which are scheduled at the discretion of the station and not firmly scheduled for specific programs or day-parts.
  4. PI:  Per Inquiry commercials require and advertiser to pay a set fee for each sales call or lead generated by a commercial.
  5. GPO:  A Guaranteed Pay-Out campaign pays a media outlet a fixed amount in exchange for a specific number of sales leads or calls.
  6. Remnant:  Print advertising that runs on a space-available basis, generally at a discount to the rate card.
  7. CIA:  Cash-in-advance payment made to a media outlet. Kelly requires CIA on all its advertising, in order to fully leverage a buy with each of it's media vendors.  This ensures that call volume goals are reached with the flighted period.
  8. FTC:  First TeleCast of a new schedule, signifies the start date of a campaign.
  9. LTC:  Last TeleCast of a schedule, signifies the end date of a campaign.



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