Frequently Asked Questions

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How does GPO work?

GPO provides advertisers and media with specific, contractual goals.  This gives both the ability to forecast revenue and locks in costs.  Here's an example:

Station WAAA is paid $25,000 in advance to deliver 1,000 calls/leads within 120 days. If only 900 calls/leads are received in 120 days, $2,500 is either returned to the advertiser or held as a credit against a future campaign.  If 1,000 calls are received in 95 days, the campaign is closed.

How is this different from Per Inquiry (PI)?

Per Inquiry (PI) offers no guarantees for either the advertiser or the media outlet.  The advertiser pays the media outlet a fixed dollar amount for each sales lead or telephone call generated by a specific ad. 

An advertiser may project 1,000 calls/leads within four months. That means the media is forecast revenue for that many calls.  If calls fall far short, the media is likely to stop running ads becuase they are missing revenue forecasts.  At the same time, the advertiser fails to achieve its sales goals.

For example:  A spot runs on station WAAA and generates 25 calls to the advertiser's call center.  The client has agreed to pay $25 for each call, so the station will receive $625 for that spot (25 X $25 = $625). Some media outlets decline PI because they are unable to forecast revenue, if any, from such campaigns.

Can we select specific markets to advertise in?

Yes, clients can select whichever markets they would like (5 market minimum).

Does Kelly have the ability to advertise internationally?

Yes, Kelly has agreements with stations and networks in Canada, England and Europe.

How is the cost per call determined?

The cost per call is based on the following parameters.

  • The overall appeal of the product;
  • Inventory availability in the market (based on flighting);
  • Recent market experience with similar products or services..

If my spot has not been produced, can Kelly help me in scripting the spot?

Yes, Kelly actually encourages advertisers to consult with them prior to creating the spot. This will enable Kelly to provide the necessary feedback to optimize call response. We can even provide full production resources at extremely favorable market rates.

Can Kelly provide media planning, buying and supervision?

Yes, clients routinely use our media professionals for all their advertising needs. Our team includes media planners and buyers with decades of experience with major advertising agencies and media outlets.

Does Kelly handle infomercials?

Yes, our team includes experienced professionals who can manage the end-to-end long-form infomercial solutions and services.  Please note:  GPO is not available for long-form infomercials.

What about confidentiality?

Kelly communications jealously protects your confidential business information.  We neither publish nor release our client lists nor do we divulge any information regarding particular products or services provided by our clients.


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