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Kelly Communications provides a wide range of services to assist clients in creating, placing and monitoring campaigns in television, print, direct-mail and the Internet.  The majority of our clients joined us to take advantage of our specialized skills in Guaranteed Pay-Out Advertising, but now choose multiple services from our extensive selection.

Cost per Call Television/Cable 

Now more than ever, marketers are looking for a return on investment. They are reluctant to spend money without having a sense of what type of response they’ll receive.

Kelly Communications is well aware of this need, and has been providing clients with a solution through guaranteed response for their television campaigns for12 years.


Cost per Call (CPC)

Cost per Call (CPC) eliminates risk for both the advertiser and the media outlet. The advertiser knows it has a firm commitment from the media outlet.  The media outlet has no concerns about collection, since it has the funds in advance.  The media outlet knows exactly what it must do in order to earn the pre-paid amount.

Each media outlet is contracted on an individual basis to deliver a specific number of leads/calls and paid for those lead/calls in advance at a specific rate per call/lead.  If the outlet fails to deliver the contracted number of calls/leads within the contracted time frame, the balance of the pre-paid account is returned to the advertiser. 

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Every product and offer is unique, but Kelly Communication's team has experience with thousands of campaigns, allowing us to assign a cost per call/lead that will maximize exposure while minimizing costs.  

Spots will run nationally and/or regionally based on client strategy.  Spots will run on national/regional cable networks, Cable Interconnects, Broadcast Networks or local network television stations.  Calls are tracked via the client customer service system, and the client submits call reports daily.  

Every campaign is monitored on a daily basis.  Money from under-performing outlets or markets will be moved to those achieving or exceeding our projected goals.

The best part is that the client receives a guaranteed return on investment.  In addition, the spot frequency offers branding and awareness.

To learn how CPC can give you a marketing edge, call Kelly Communications
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